Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Oz Seekers Breakfast Briefing on Digital Cinema

Stefanie Fischer recently hosted an Oz Seekers Breakfast briefing, at the invitation of John Sullivan (D-Cinex and Light Cinemas), on the opportunities and challenges presented by small digital cinemas.

Factors, key to sustainable cinema operation, that were discussed included creating a good and memorable cinema experience; reaching out to a wide cross section of the local audience across the age and social spectrum; appealing to 15-25 year olds whilst creating an environment older cinema goers feel comfortable in and creating a distinct identity that resonates with the locality, all in the interests of encouraging repeat visits. 

Scala Cinema and Arts Centre, Prestatyn
The challenges presented by the range of existing buildings and the shells in new developments being offered to cinema operators were discussed. Stefanie used Palace Electric in the New Acton development in Canberra as an example of successful higher end linkage between new cinema development and other leisure and retail uses, to create a vibrant and distinctive new neighbourhood, in contrast to the linkages between multiplex cinema and fast food outlets and leisure uses on out of town sites.   

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